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Thread: Hacker filter

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    Hacker filter

    Would it be possible to have a "sticky" thread on the AO main page that informed readers that AO is NOT a forum to exchange hacks, post malicious code etc. and links them to the FAQs and other various documents that explain what AO is all about? If it stays in the number 1 position with a subject line that will attract hackers (Calling all UBER-HACKERS or something), it *might* cut down on the some of the idiotic posts that come from those too lazy to look for the FAQs. Just a thought....
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    allenb im not 100% on this because i registered last year but dont you get a link to the faq in the confirmation email that AO sends ?
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    Allen I agree that hackers, crackers etc. should be informed that this is a security site and not dedicated to spreading malicious information. But, on the other hand, this can be a double edged sword, as a person idiotic enough to post malicious intentions in detail gives the rest of us a heads up as to possible future attacks and/or new ideas. The way I see it, a serious cracker posting his/her intentions on AO probably just took the most important element out of a successful attack....surprise(once their intended actions have been broadcasted to a security based community).
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    Were someone stupid enough to post their malicious code or 0 day exploit and counting on this site then they are not too bright. Nor for that matter much of a threat. Worry about those
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    I wonder if these guys would read FAQs, even if you slap them with a collection of printed ones. But anyway, the easiest for them to read, the best. Don, about this: I believe it can happen. Sometimes people just want to spread something they are very proud of, and even if it resulted in a ban, lots of people would read it. But I must add that most people who discover security flaws are pretty ethic, and hate script kiddies. They wouldn't be using this to promote themselves. Ah, and like I saw in someone's signature here.. "Someone who hates script kiddiez can't be that bad.." J/k.

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