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    Macromedia Mx

    If I was going to make a career out of Web Developement...Which would be better, Macromedia or microsoft software.And please state why you think this.

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    I wasnít aware that Microsoft even had software to compete with macromedia but itís rumored that m$ will buy macromedia http://www.badassgeek.com/archives/005964.xml so I guess it doesnít matter.

    Iím not web developer but here are a few skills I could list off the top of my head. Iím sure some of the web developers around here could give you some tips on how to get started.

    Html of course
    Java script
    Vb script
    Dreamweaver/frontpage/every major web authoring tools
    A little Photoshop knowledge couldnít hurt.
    Its not software piracy. Iím just making multiple off site backups.

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    I personally don't really like doing web development, but I've had to do some of it for work (those times I didn't have any employees who were competent in web development). I've used MS FrontPage, and I think it's alright for basics, but then you'd be best to fix it up and finalize it by hardcoding. If you're looking for professional a web development suite, I would highly recommend Macromedia Studio MX. Macromedia programs, however, are quite expensive, so be sure that you will make use of the programs. Adobe also has some good web development programs (the Adobe Web Collection. Once again, the package is quite expensive, though, as with Macromedia, you can purchase the tools you need separately, though, in my experience, buying them separately is more expensive than in the whole package. If cost is a concern, I'd stick with FrontPage or some other, inexpensive web development program (there are tons of freeware and shareware programs which may suit your needs). Good luck!


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    Personally, it's not about the product which makes a site or application, it's about the creativity and the knowledge you possess. I see a lot of people jump out and get a copy of Dreamweaver, thinking they're going to be able to create something great with it, fire it up, and realize they have no idea what they're doing. You can't really rely on a program unless it's down to graphics. I stress so much of handcoding, because I find, when it comes to editing and such, you'll get to the point where you can go: "Hey, this is what's wrong, must be around this area" and fix it. Whereas I find that many higher level programs complicate it, and IF you use frontpage, you've got a lot of needless BS code that's inserted for GOD knows why that shouldn't even be there.

    Dreamweaver is excellent for layouts and positioning.
    Photoshop and Paint Shop Pro will make your graphics spectacular.
    Pixie is a color picking tool (freeware) that I can't live without.
    I don't really work much with flash anymore, but my pick would definitely be Flash MX.
    Bash me if you want, I use phpEdit and notepad most of all (phpEdit for the syntax highlighting) and there are tons of other great syntax highlighting notepad-styled apps out there to use.

    There's really no tool though that makes you great, you'll design your own toolbox as you get familiar with things and try out programs and find ease of use with them. The internet holds a wealth of design information and ideas. And there are a lot of great design forums you can hang out on to share tips and tricks of the trade.

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    I do web developement and just picked up the Macromedia MX Suite. I also have photoshop 7 and together they make for a great combonation. Although as GreekGoddess said, you can't rely on those programs to write sites themselves. You need to have the creativeness to put it together. And knowing the code itself, is definetly a neccesity. Good luck.


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    Thanks for all the help.....I think Im going with Macromedia studios MX!

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