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Thread: chemical warheads found in iraq

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    chemical warheads found in iraq

    Now what?

    Inspectors Find 11 Empty Chemical Warheads in Iraq
    Warheads Discovered South of Baghdad Said to Be in 'Excellent Condition'

    BAGHDAD, Iraq –– U.N. inspectors on Thursday found 11 empty chemical warheads in "excellent" condition at an ammunition storage area where they were inspecting bunkers built in the late 1990s, a U.N. spokesman reported.

    A 12th warhead, also of a 122 mm, was found that requires further evaluation, according to the statement by Hiro Ueki, the spokesman for U.N. weapons inspectors in Baghdad.

    It was not immediately clear if discovery of the warheads constituted a "material breach" of the U.N. resolution requiring Iraq to itemize all of its weapons of mass destruction.

    At the United Nations, the U.S. ambassador said he could not offer an assessment without further information.

    "I simply cannot answer into that kind of hypothetical proposition without having more facts at my fingertips," John Negroponte said.

    The team used portable X-ray equipment for a preliminary analysis of one of the warheads and collected samples for chemical testing, Ueki's statement said.

    "The warheads were in excellent condition and were similar to ones imported by Iraq during the late 1980's," the statement said.

    The warheads were found during a visit by inspectors to the Ukhaider Ammunition Storage Area, 75 miles south of Baghdad.

    U.N. inspectors are searching for evidence Iraq still has chemical, nuclear or biological weapons programs. They are expected to report preliminary findings to the U.N. Security Council in New York by Jan. 27.

    On Dec. 7, a chemical team secured
    more here
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    This is an interesting find. While they did find 11 chemical warheads in perfect condition, they were empty. However, since they found them in bunkers created in the late 90's we can assume that these warheads have been active at some point within the last 5 years or so, but apparently these were not declared in the Iraqi weapons documentation.

    All this after the recent transfer of knowledge from the US and British intelligence agencies to the weapons inspector teams. I guess the UN needs an intelligence branch now, eh?
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    roswell1329 is right , the warheads may have bene active, but the big question is with what agent? A question, would a chemical warhead be able to deliver a biological payload?

    I don't know how much I woudl trust the UN with a intelligence division. It worries me enough that they have the ICC, I dont think I want to see a gobal echelon controled by the UN
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    Well if U notice the US is the World richest country. I wouldn't trust the UN, case in my opinion they
    are influence by the US and it's money. The US is always throwing their money around to gain political
    domainance in matters that interest them getting richer. If that oil wasn't over there the US would care
    less about what Iraq had or using it for. Anyway they haven't stop bin Laden! US truly have to many irons
    in the fire.

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    First of all i'm surprised that these informations have only made it to the whashington post and no other paper... how reliable is the info ?
    ==>After some checking i found that the missiles were imported (i wonder from which country) in 1988 and that they were declared in the report

    second, the fact that the warhead were found in bunkers built in the late 90's could just mean that the previous bunker that stored them was damaged and where else would you put that kind of thing ? certainly not in a regular house ...

    third, chemicla warhead cannot be used as biological warhead ( for Syini666 )

    fourth, what is allowed and what isn't in for the report, it is a bit too confusing (imagine you were ask to list all weapons in your house would you include all your kitchen knives ?) Not to the extent of forgetting missile warheads

    I don't know where iraq is trying to go but most know where the us wants it to go.
    Also, i'm not too convinced by the ammount of indepandance of the inspectors ?
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    i notice maskofZorro lists his source of information. wheres yours nabylbt?

    chemical weapons do not have to be able to hold a biological payload. they're weapons of mass destruction all by themselves.

    if you went into my basement and saw that there were empty unused shotgun shells it would be safe to assume that i load my oun shells. why else would i have them?

    as far as being declared already ive been listening to 1010 wins AM NY all afternoon and they say that they have not been declared but the radio is too fast to get the news out before the competition, so i guess that remains to be seen.
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    its just sad.... i dont know why people feel the need to kill masses of people. I realize that they have those for their own defense theoretically, however in my opinion, sadaam just wants to be malicious. War is just ugh... so stupid.. although, the united states has done a good job dehumanizing the living crap out of people that reside in the middle east, or even decendants of those.. Which is far worse than nuclear war. Its what i like to call "spirit murder"

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    iraq it seems did list these devices in the manifest but it listed them mearly as artillery rounds. that like calling an alligator a lizard.
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    I taking a guess that those "warheads" are going to be the final excuse that Bush uses to start the real war with Iraq.

    Side Note:
    Is it me or does Bush seem to have a personal agenda rather than a political one? In my opinion, Bush is just finishing daddy's business.

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    but i have one big Q? for u guys.
    i live in the ME - Jordan, so i was so curious about that .... is it worth it for you all to send all you kids and relatives to fight against Iraq ?
    we are beside Iraq and will not fight ..!! so how come you do ( americans , British, Frensh ... etc )
    i see it really weired .
    and i belive that US is making it for 2 reasons:
    1- Oil
    2- finish Daddy's business.
    why u have to pay for this ?
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