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    Talking Online Philosopgy

    I have noticed the only place that race, religion, and ethnetic backroung is not used to judge is the internet. Us hackers do not prejudge people by apperances. What are your views on this?

    (This is my first real post please dont flame.)

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    Is there a hidden messege in that post that i am missing ?*prodikal looks at the form Tech Humour

    *prodikal re-reads the post nope still aint got it
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    WarGamer, I think race can play a role in hacking and the Internet in some ways. For instance, a defaced page can boast a race or about the atrocities done to a race. Furthermore, discussion groups, web pages and chat rooms can be racially geared.

    If you typed "Black Power," "White Power," "KKK," and other such things into a search engine, you will see all kinds of things regarding race and the Internet. Lastly, people are judged all the time on the net and everywhere else.

    It's human nature.

    Is there a hidden messege in that post that i am missing ?
    I think he/she is trying to say the only place race does not play a role or is judged is the Internet. Honestly, I do not know where this person got such an idea...



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    The only reason that race/sex/... does not come into play on the www is that you are not
    physically visible. However were you to track down the headers you would get a geographical
    location. Mind you if your that filled with hate for your fellow man/chick you should jump off a

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    The only reason that race/sex/... does not come into play on the www is that you are not
    physically visible.
    In that perspective, it makes sense. And yes, anybody who is that hateful should jump off a bridge


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    Does nobody understand prodikal sarcasm? He wants to say that this thread shouldn't be posted in the "Tech Humor" forum.



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    Well, I admit that I have a tendency to ramble, especially when it comes to philosophy and theology...

    To understand racism and prejudice on the Internet, you have to look at the very beings that are living through the Internet, with their strained eyes glued to monitors and everything. The same people who run IRC routers, servers, etc. have the same tendency to be narrow-minded as everyone else. I agree with don in the fact that the main reason people are not judged in many cases is that most people are not physically visible on the net, save for web cams and conferences. There is racism though through the defacement of web sites for certain religions, ethnicities, etc. As long as we don't accept one another, nothing will stop bias.

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    HaHA!! wait a minute *phaza7 re-reads post :-}
    anyway everyone is just of thier thoughts. There seems to be to much happening on it to know everything, but enough to navi around well. Computers it's my way of life:-|
    so peace and greetz

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