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Thread: NTFS Recovery HELP!!!!

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    NTFS Recovery HELP!!!!

    Does any one knows of a tool or a way to recover deleted files fron NTFS partition, somebody deleted some very importan files and i need to recover them.
    I'm running Windows Xp pro. and already tried Easy Recovery 5 and had no success.

    Thanks in advances

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    You may be able to use PC Inspector File Recovery to get these files back. If the files which were deleted were deleted normally and recently, then you have a pretty good chance of recovering the data. If the files were deleted with an eraser utility then it will be more difficult to recover the data.

    magnoon also wrote a really good tutorial on this subject which you can find here.

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    I was searching www.webattack.com lately and stumbled across one such utility called File Scavanger found at http://www.webattack.com/features/pr...?id=104372&r=h

    I have not used the program as I use FAT32 in Win 98, but the discription provided sounds like it is what you are looking for.

    File Scavenger is a Windows NT/2000/XP file undelete and data recovery utility for NTFS volumes. It can recover files that were damaged by virus or accidentally deleted from Windows Explorer, the Recycled Bin, the DOS command line, or a network share along with original folder names and file Create and Modified dates.
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    I've had *very* good results with Executive Software's Undelete, both it's 2.0 version (which didn't handle NTFS all too well), and it's newer 3.0. It's a fairly expensive program, but in my opinion, definately worth the investment if you have to recover files (it's far less than bringing it to a recovery center, and at least here you can get your money back if it doesn't work).


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    I recommend Active@ undelete data recovery tool. It worked really great for me and never failed. Seems like it's restore methods are powerful indeed.


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