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Thread: cd key recovery

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    cd key recovery


    i gotta small problem i hope u can help me with......i have a p4 pc bought from a high st retailer....thats come with all inbuilt software and a few cd roms... my problem is ive lost my cd key for ms works .....its installed on my pc so i can still use it ,but recently had a few security probs and wanted a fresh start (take my pc back to factory settings) but if i do this i will need to put all my cd keys back in i have the one for windows as its stuck on the side of my pc..but was wondering if theres anyway of finding out my ms works cd key ..i know i can goto loadsa warez sites and get cd keys but as i purchased the software i want to use the correct cd key..is this possible or am i gonna have to eat humble pie and repurchase the software
    (as i dont really like warez sites cos im my opinion this amounts to stealing)

    cheers all

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    I do not have MS Works, but on most MS products, you should be able to recover your CD key by hitting help-->about or by going in the registry and doing a search such as "works." As for buying the software again, there is really no need to do that If you cannot find your key and all hope is lost, call Microsoft customer service and ask for another key. They are very nice about it.

    hope this helps


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    Hi waterboy ,


    For all your Microsoft queries, contact the Microsoft Contact Centre.

    Microsoft Contact Centre: 0870 60 10 100*

    They should be able to help you.

    also check this:


    Good Luck


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    While this might not be regarded as good (or moral) advice, do a search on the web and on KaZaA for a keygen(arator). You do own the legitimate program, so it's not like you are using the keygen for something bad like piracy (I hope....)

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    Why would anybody want MS Works?

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