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Thread: nmap program

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    Unhappy nmap program

    Have just got nmap installed on a new linux box, i've heard that there is a program that prints a fancy log report. Does anyone know what it is and where I can get hold of it. Thanks in advance.

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    Link: http://online.linuxberg.com/internet/preview/8519.html

    nLog is a set of PERL scripts for managing and analyzing your nmap 2.0 logfiles. It allows you to keep all of your scan logs in a single, searchable database. The CGI interface for viewing your scan logs is completely customizable and easy to modify.

    The core CGI script allows you to add your own extension scripts for different services, so all hosts with a certain service running will have a hyperlink to the extension script.

    Link: http://online.linuxberg.com/internet/preview/8519.html
    yeah, I\'m gonna need that by friday...

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    What do you mean by "fancy Programm"?

    If its a part of nmap, then do a man nmap to get more info on it.

    If you're refering to another type of software that does security audits (scanning) and prints out a detailed report, then get "Saint" and "Nessus". Both scan remote or local targets looking for security holes. After the scan it generates a full log on what it has found. Both are excellent programs.
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    do you mean like loggin you're scans ? if so just do this make a directory if you wish

    nmap -sS -v -O (ip address goes here) > /home/prodikal/scan.log/(what you call the file).txt &

    that will log it in to a specific directory replacing prodikal with the name of you're home directory and the name of the directory where you want to log to NOTE you must be root for a lot of types of scan's
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