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Thread: GameSpy could let crackers make attacks...

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    GameSpy could let crackers make attacks...


    Watch out Internet games lovers!!!

    GameSpy could let crackers mount network DDoS attacks...

    Flaws within GameSpy, a popular program that allows game clients to find and connect to game servers, might permit crackers to flood systems with useless packets and tie up processors through DDoS attacks.

    The vulnerability, which affects many games across Windows and *nix server platforms, is based upon spoofed UDP requests, as an advisory by security research outfit PivX Solutions (which made public its research yesterday) explains...
    Source and full story here



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    If this is true, it could be big. I know that many popular online games use this. One that I know of and play is Medal of Honor. I haven't had the chance to read the article yet, but I am sure it will be interesting. I hope that they have some sort of a fix for it. Thanks for the post!

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