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Thread: Latest Exploits

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    Latest Exploits

    Here is a really interesting section of "SecurityFocus.com"
    Latest Exploits being used...

    Link: http://online.securityfocus.com/archive/1

    It has been my experience that you can find the exploits much sooner that you can the patches... Keep an eye out for exploits on your system... Hope you find this link useful :-)
    yeah, I\'m gonna need that by friday...

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    Are there still people who didn't yet sign up for a bugtraq like mailingslist ? If you didn't and you are a "good" admin or hacker cracker whatever, you should do it now. You'll indeed know the exploit fast (at least faster in 99.99999 % if the cases then just looking here at AO), so you can take care of it. It's true those things are listed before there's a patch mostly so it's the ultimate scriptkiddie source of 0-day exploits wich work on nearly all systems, because the exploit is just discovered. If you want to beat those attacks, better sign up for such thing as fast as possible .
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    Every system administrator should set up Security focus as his homepage and read it each morning. Those bugtraq archives are really essential to stay informed, secure, and to learn some ways to check your system you would not have thought without them.
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    It'll only be a Lazy Admin that don't stay on top of stuff like this.
    Who will fall victim of his Laziness
    Good post anyway!

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