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    Linux Headquarters Site

    Hey all. I was browsing today at work, and I bumped into what looks like a great resource for learning Linux (as well as for those that have been around the block). The site is called Linux Headquarters . Here, you can find some good tuts and easy-to-understand "how tos" and what not. Sorry if it's been posted, but I searched using several methods without turning up anything here on AO. Anyways, it's well worth another mention, so it seems. Enjoy!

    PS No robbing tuts from it neither! Haha! j/k

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    Great Post!
    I taking a Linux class this sesmter on this can really help me out!!
    Excellent Link!

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    Thanks a lot. That link is really great and I recomend for all who are intrested is learning about Linux. Cool stuff man...

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    good catch t2k2, useful site as i see. specially it has the scroll mouse problem in linux .. well i had it once.
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