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Thread: Worms 3 coming up in 2003!!!

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    Worms 3 coming up in 2003!!!

    Dear friends of worms, this is a historical moment, our favourite worms become 3D and the time for more freedom has came. Are you ready for the new way of thinking (3D thinking)? Visit the official site for more details.
    See a very good image:

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    at last.mou ftiakses ti mera

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    i'm sorry, no.

    worms1 was good. worms2 was good. worms: armageddon was worms2 with a few extra features, but still alright. worms world part was worms: armageddon with fewer features.

    i've longsince given up on team17.
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    I played Armagedddon and got addicted to it and showed all my friends now we always play i can't wait for the 3-d form of worms i hear theres going tobe a new form of fighting like hiding under a hill and how u can actually see ur worm use a blowtorch to burn away the terrain

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    I know it sounds like an OS comparative, but Worms World Party is more stable than Armageddon.
    I don't know if the 3d could be a good or a bad thing for Worms. I have previously tested WormsHL (the mod for Half-Life) and it was not really interesting. In my opinion, the 2d design is important for the Worms atmosphere and the playability.

    So, I'm looking and hoping it will not be a disaster.
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    three w00ts for worms!


    Just for the record, I absolutely LOVE the worms game series! What a great way to take out frustration!

    (I took this opportunity to add a new worms smilie, enjoy!)


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    This sertainly looks good..

    now to get a new GForce in my office-machine.. and off we go...
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    yeahhhhhh!! worms armaggedon was really awesome, i look forward to worms 3!
    polloi ellines mazeyomaste =p
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    To e-mail mou einai Steile mou mail sk8. Ego hmoun o protos ellhnas edo, sebastos. Steile mail amesos.

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    yes, i'll admit that worms2 and worms: armageddon were tons of fun for me. in fact, because of ropers with 10-15 second turn limits, i was forced to type relatively fast between turns. so now i have an average typing speed of probably somewhere over 100wpm. yikes.

    and even after a few months of not playing, i went online and managed to own most people

    before anyone points out that the min turn time was, in fact, 15, note that there were programs which could edit this.
    i will shoot you so hard.

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