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Thread: Bachelors in comp. forensics?

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    Bachelors in comp. forensics?

    Hey guys I was just wondering if anyone knows of any schools that offers a bachelors degree in computer forensics? I'll be graduation in August with an Associates in CFOR and have been looking at a lot of forensics positions on hotjobs and other places and almost all of them want a 4 year degree. Are there any other more common majors that would get me a BS and make me a more desirable candidate. Or even better yet does anyone work for a company that wants to hire me right now??? j/k Any help you guys can give is greatly appreciated.

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    As far as I know, no universities offer a degree in Computer Forensics. Typically, what you would want to do is get a degree in Computer Science or some related field, and then earn some experience in the field. Regarding hiring, nearly any forensic careers, besides as an independent consultant, will require at least a Bachelor's in Science, and often even a Master's in Science. I remember reading a while ago that there are four universities in the United States which offer Computer Security-related degrees, but I don't remember what the universities were. I'd go for a degree in Computer Science (or maybe Math if you want to focus on cryptography) and then go from there.


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    As mentioned above I know of no universities that offer comp forensics. As well a degree in computer science is the way to go. Comp forensics is a learn as you go unless your employer
    is willing to pay major $$$ to SANS or a like institute. I presently do computer forensics and I
    do not have a uni degree. It all depends if you have the skills and experience. The uni degree
    is not a make or break.

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    Kennesaw University offers course in CyberCrime and Computer Forensics. But they do not offer a degree in computer forensics.

    I would recommend you obtain a degree in Computer Sciences with a concentration or major in Math. In order to work in the computer forensics field you can start as an investigator. You need some experience as an investigator or investigation.

    I would also recommend taking law enforcement courses, evidence, crime scene investigation as all of these are needed for computer forensics.

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