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Thread: Windows CE in the BMW 745i

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    Windows CE in the BMW 745i

    The link: http://slashdot.org/articles/03/01/1....shtml?tid=156 (ok Iím a Slashdot junkie)

    See this thing in action: http://www.baselinemag.com/article2/...019TX1K0100547

    Posted by michael on Friday January 17, @06:59PM
    from the i'm-goodlife dept.
    conaone writes "From the "disconcerting" file, Baseline has a weird story about how the increase in use of embedded operating systems is causing strange things to happen to consumer products. Their example is the use of Windows CE in the BMW 745i, which apparently occasionally goes nuts. The best is the list of video clips showing off the possessed car."
    I usually try to avoid posting in the humor forum but this one was too good to pass up. As the title states the BMW 745i has windows CE in it. And like all windows products itís prone to bugs and needs service packs and seconded editions to get things worked out.

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    the links all say "your account is suspended, please contact support" even when I created my own account.
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