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    Question IP Insight

    There is an isp (or two) that has all this extra software and while its installed it has something call IP Insight installed and running. Just the name of this app sounds pretty shady. What does this really do and how big of a security hole do I have?
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    I did a google search for it and most of the sites (that were in english) said that it was a PC maintenance program used to make logs and troubleshoot. I could be wrong though because there were plenty of other sites that were talking about a program called IP INSIGHT but I couldn't read them because they weren't in english.

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    visit http://www.ipinsight.com

    detailed information, how it works,...

    (quit difficult to get this adress ...lol...)
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    The following kinds of information are never monitored, collected nor
    - account information
    - web sites visited or any other actions
    - credit card information

    The following kinds of information relating to your Dial-Up Networking
    access is uploaded after each successful Dial-Up Networking call:
    - User login ID optional, depends on ISP
    - IP InSight Client version release number (e.g.,
    - Upload protocol version format of the uploaded data
    - OEM ID e.g., "freeclient"
    - Phone number dialed your ISP's phone number
    - Your country code e.g., "1" for the US
    - Your area code e.g., "212" for New York City
    - Your time zone in seconds from Greenwich time
    - ISP's PPP server IP address e.g., ""
    - Dial-Up Networking Connection name as entered by user
    - Your modem name e.g., "U.S. Robotics 56K FAX EXT V4.9.1"
    - OS type and version "Windows 4.0.950"
    - For each call attempt since last connect:
    - Date and time of call
    - Call result (success/failure code)
    - Time taken to login
    - Initial connect speed
    - "Call is a redial" flag


    I can see how this information would be helpful for ISPs to get lame users back online after they screw it up. Part of my job is dealing with technical support issues and to be honest the information that users give is less than reliable.

    they say it does not take personal information and it probably dosn't...today! this software has the ability to upgarade itself and there's no promise that that the isp will not change its policy a day or two from now.

    if you are comfortable working with DUN and tcp/ip i'd suggest removing it
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    I just think it sounds really dodgy

    Ipinsight < Stupid Isp's

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