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Thread: Post Dial-up Screen?

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    Post Dial-up Screen?

    I was fooling around with settings in Windows and found an option to show a screen after my comp. dials my ISP. It is a login screen for their router I am pretty sure , so I was wondering is it possible while at this screen to request which service "ppp, slip" I would like to use? If I can do this there must be more commands, say seeing the usage and how many and which users are on, right? It always starts ppp after I enter my password, I was just wondering. Any help will be appreciated.

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    I don't know if it's a login screen for their router, but I can tell you this. Some applications use this post-dialup terminal window to interact for additional authentication/configuration. For example, it can be used to interact with a SecurID server for two-factor authentication. After entering network credentials for the dialup connection to start, the terminal window would pop up and prompt for SecurID credentials (ie. username, passcode (from an access token)... I'm sure it has many uses, but that's just one of them. To get more information I would look up post dialup terminal window on Google or something and see what you come up with.

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