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Thread: 2000 posts

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    2000 posts

    Well, as you can tell, its taken me a while to make this 2000th post. Things have changed a lot lately. Lets see... most prevalant, I got fired from work. So I have been on the lookout for a new job.

    So what about AO. How much has changed there. When I first joined, things were quite different. Antipoints actually stood for something. They showed how much you knew about computers. Or atleast how much you could help with them. Many of my posts that helped people, I did not know the answer. I just know how to use google and find it. It makes it nice when you actually understand how to use a search engine.

    But what do antipoints mean now? Absoutely nothing. The only thing they can do is ban someone for making stupid posts. Out of the people in the top 10 list of antipoint earners, most of them got all their antipoints for posts that had absoutely nothing to do with computers. People think that they are a status symbol. Actaully, now, all they are is a way to show who kisses the most ass and convinces other people to give them antipoints for posts that are completely unrelated to anything with computers. There are more postive antipoints flying around General Chit Chat and Cosmos then anyplace else. Posts that are actually useful and helpful go unrecognized, yet posts about some website talking about military action in Somalia are getting ultra-extreamly positive antipoints.

    I still read some of the threads, but for the most part, I spend my time on AntiOnline IRC. Yeah, we discuss BS there also, and an idiot that starts acting like a fool will get banned. But many of the people there actually have a clue about what they are doing. And the interaction between people is much better because it is realtime. You don't have to wait as long for a responce. I will admit, there are still problems there. Some people need to be banned, and the op's may not be the best choices for who is doing it, but that is not the point. At least there is more interaction in there, and there are people in IRC that know most of the people that post in the forums. And besides, I am running away with Deb and we are going to move to Mexico. But not until after I am done taking over the rest of the channel.

    You can take this post for what its worth. Obviously parts of it are sarcastic and parts are completely true. It is up to you how to take it, and maybe reevaluate how this forum works and if you think it is going in the right direction. Or if you think some changes need to be made. Because the only way to make changes is to do it yourself....This site isn't going to change because people bitch about their antipoints, and JP isn't around to help you when you want to whine and cry about getting negative points. Ive gotten my share of them.. I don't give a ****. I will probably get more for this post, because I just fronted off most of the people on the top10 list. And if you don't believe me about their posts, go look at them sometime. See how many posts that were computer related actually got points and how many from other areas. And if you want to try to explioit the antipoint system..... Make a shitload of posts in cosmos and generalchitchat.... thats the only way to do it now.. Every other area of the forum is useless if you care about antipoints. If you want to make this site back to the way it was, and should be... then stop giving antipoints for posts in those forums. Give the points to people that help out with a problem. And stop kissing the ass of the people in the top10. Just because someone gives me points, I am NOT going to return the favor. You want me to give you points, make a post that deservs them. Go write a tutorial. Ask an intelligent question that can make people think. And don't just say...ohhh so and so posted and even though the post is complete bullshit, I am going to give them points and maybe they will return the favor....
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    Congratulations on your 2000th post soule! Good on you mate! If you ever need any *help* with Deb, I'll be glad to offer my *services*. I still prefer the forums when I need detailed answers, but otherwise, you're right, IRC is just way more happening.
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    Congrats with your 2000 posts.
    You used it for a large part for antipoints , your 2000th post.
    I think most intelligent people and people who can/do think already found out the antipoint system and alot of other things have dropped in level here at AO... I wrote about that in my 4th post. I have 5 posts and 2 green dots. People might even think I'm in an alliance .
    Nothing to do about that... Like I heard many times here at AO and on IRC:
    **** happens ... live with it
    I almost get the idea you don't like to have 2000 posts under you belt...

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    Congratz on your 2000 posts too!!! That's a really big bunch of posts!!!

    Well, i "almost" agree 100% with you. I love to ask and help in the security forums and i'll will be continuously monitoring them for new questions, threads and posts, but i just like to say that the Cosmos and, above all, the General Chit CHat forum have taught me a lot of really good and importants things (and news) that i couldn't have learned or heard in any other forum.



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    soule!!! Congrats! AO has gone to **** lately, and I think ur post is truthful and amazingly accurate. Ap's don't stand for anything except who kisses ass around here. I wish it were different, but I guess that's the way things evolve. Like you(and many others *cough*Kwiep*cough*) I spend a lot of my time in IRC because I don't like how the site is turning out. Again, congrats on 2000 and I hope u get 2000 more!

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    2000 posts is a milestone for sure. However I disagree on the irc channel thing. There has not
    been all that much computer wise going on there either. Crap I've tried to steer the conversation that way many times and failed. It is an irc channel like any other %90 b.s %10

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    Originally posted here by don
    2000 posts is a milestone for sure.
    It sure is when he is the first one to reach it Congrat's on making 2000 posts man, and you made your 2000th post a great one. As I look through some of your posts, it's obvious that your recognition deserving. Hopefully the next 1000 (2000?) or whatever some odd posts you make will be as good as the last 2000. Take care man, and come to the forums once in awhile!
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    Wow soule....great job. And I agree with what you said, I don't often POST on the forums, becasue of all the **** the goes on, but you nearly ALWAYS find me on IRC, and as for AP's I agree, though I wasn't here a year ago, I'm sure it was alot better, without all the abuse, and ass kissing, anyways, keep up the great work! Good luck on findin' a job. And best of luck in the future.


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    2,000 posts, extraordinary, truely, seeing as you don't tread the forums as an instant messaging service. it should take me over 2,000 days to get there. some are thinking that ao has degraded and ap's are being misused, but when you have experienced a thread with 170 replies most of which are no more than two short sentences long and about absolutely nothing you can't help thinking something is working here. personally i think there is alot of referals, links or "read this" type threads. sometimes its really good and useful, and a conversation develops where other interesting points are raised. but the majority are useless and ultimately all seem to get swallowed up only to be replaced by something else. maybe this type of activity should be encouraged in another forum keeping chit chat for conversation, between people. and i would like to see projects of somesort, making stuff is always good, its just the organising that acts as a deterant. meh, if it ain't broke...
    Hmm...theres something a little peculiar here. Oh i see what it is! the sentence is talking about itself! do you see that? what do you mean? sentences can\'t talk! No, but they REFER to things, and this one refers directly-unambigeously-unmistakably-to the very sentence which it is!

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    Amen to that Souleman.

    Credit travels up, blame travels down -- The Boss

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