Hey, I need all your help for something, I just moved from Windows to Linux to server unError.com, now here's my problem. I downloaded AMSN and it worked fine for awhile, but then, one day, I booted up amsn, click log on as blahblah@blah.com and it started loging me in, then...BAM it froze, so I said "Ahh **** it" and just used gaim instead, then I wanted to play bzflag with one of my friends, I loaded it up, it was laoding all the stuff needed and BAM agian. It freezes, and then my services for my ircd go down, I delete them and and rebuilt them, in the process of running "make" it freezes, I reboot, try agian, and freezes agian, then I try one last time and it finnaly work.

So, I went into my computer, reset the battery, and the BIOS, re-loaded it, checked the bois, everything, tried running them with nothing running. Everything, someone suggested buying a new fan, but I'm not sure, anything I should check or do before going and buying a new fan? Thanks in advanced.