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    MSN chat log

    Can I view a chat log of conversations on Windows Messenger (Win XP)?

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    I launched messenger (first time in months) and couldn't find any sign of logging activity. I'm not saying that it isn't there, just that if it is I don't know where it is. I will tell you however that Trillian DOES have a logging feature built in to it, and it works with all the chat mediums that Trillian encompasses...MSN included. If you want to check it out for yourself head over to and grab the free download.
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    i use msn addonadvanced messenger plus:
    (shareware, 20 day trial) it offers very nice logging abillity..
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    MSN has a logging option but you must enable it
    when you chat with someone else go to File > Save As
    this will save your conversation to the file selected
    WARNING: if you close the chatting window the conversation will be lost!
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    There's a program called Messenger Helper.. Has a few cool functions get's rid of those annoying ads, and does logging + has a nice log viewer... it's freeware

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