hmm.. never saw this one before.. Well I'll say Hey.. and introduce myself...

I'm 2 months shy of my 21st birthday, and i've been working with computers for 11 years, when I was made the admin of 2 ICONs in my gr 6 class. Prior to that I thought computers were just for gaming.

I have used all flavours of windows, and several flavours of *nix over the years. I've administrated various sized networks, and boxes, and developped the original NT security policy for my HS. I worked with the police in my hometown on a case, prior to them getting a dedicated computer-crime officer. I have completed my CCNA cert. courses, althought I am not certified, since i feel that certs. are a waste of time. I have also done courses in several programming languages. I am currently a first year student taking Computer Networking @ Fanshawe College in London, Ontario. I run my own computer company.. and yeah that's me.. feel free to drop me a line in any of the following ways..

ICQ: 11854130

I run an XP based server in my apt. (It's running XP solely because it's also my media console for both audio threw my stereo, and movies threw my TV, and since half of the material I access is on other win systems in the apt. this was the easiest way since I'm lazy). However over my christmas holidays a power outtage fried the server, and everything was lost. The server is back up and running again at but it is still the basic phptriad page, so you won't find anything there for a few weeks.