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Thread: Burning Win XP

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    Burning Win XP

    My original Win XP CD was destroyed....I have it installed on an other my question it possible to burn the Win xp cd by creating backup from the installed drive.....thx

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    from an install of XP from an original cd it is not possible to create a CD that can be used, if this was an original cd, get in touch with m/s and explain to them what has happened, it you have a receipt you should be able to get them to send out a replacement cd for a small cost i think

    im not saying anymore as if this post even sounds like im telling you how to do it if it was even possible i'd probly get negged to death for it

    it would technically be legal if you only have it installed on one computer as it would be considered a personal backup i think, this is one reason to make a backup of any software cd's when you initially purchase them to avoid this prob occuring, good luck on getting a replacement cd

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    Microsoft will replace any broken or misplaced software if you can no longer receive this service from the original merchant from which you purchased the software:;ln];326246

    Hope that helps.

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    well again i dont know how you can burn a distro that is already segmented on the drive... m$ will probably be able to help as stated before. or you could just do the smart thing, find the pieces of the destroyed xp cd... get a fireplace, and watch them burn one by one.. then go to, find you a good linux distro, i recommend slackware, download it, and be happy. You can still get your XP cd back, just tell them your buyers number and all that on the receipt, they wont send for free though, just get linux! its so much easier to maintain.. while working better all the while

    good find gg

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    thx for your advice......lets see how m$ responds..

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    Just download the iso and use the key that you already have.

    Knowl3dge is Power!

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    I heard that if you posse an illegal copy of winxp then you will not be able to update it

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    Originally posted here by Genocide
    I heard that if you posse an illegal copy of winxp then you will not be able to update it
    Almost. Microsoft blocked certain keys from using Windows Update. That mean that if you used one of the corporate keys that were leaked, when you try to update to SP1, it will disable the Windows Update feature. They did not block all keys, though.

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    I heard that if you posse an illegal copy of win xp then you will not be able to update it
    Yes you can update as long as your cd-key is not on the forbidden list. If you do have a legit copy with a banned key you can take it back to store for one with a different key. If you do have an illegal copy or don't want to bother retuning the banned copy you have you can use a windows cd-key generator and pump out some cd-keys of your own. Then use a program to change you cd-key or use regedit and do it by hand. Microsoft has no idea what cd-keys are legit and witch ones are generated.

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    In the man time in case you need to rebuild while you are waiting for Microsoft to respond (these sort of things always haqppen at annoying times) you could image the drive using Drive Image (trial copy available here) , that is as long as your computer is ok at the moment and you don't have any nasties on it, just an idea

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