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Thread: LILO Boot

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    Angry LILO Boot

    Hey everybody, i was going delete SUSE linux today and try out slackware, we were going to change the partitions, so i deleted the partitions and created 2 new ones, a plain linux and a linux swap partition (we also formatted both with a linux ext2 format), after that we tried starting our computer without using any boot disks or anything (before we loaded slackware on) and somehow LILO boot is still on there. We deleted and created new partitions but the LILO boot is still stuck on there. is LILO boot protected somehow? is there a way to completely remove it?

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    Just type this is your DOS prompt:

    c:\fdisk /mbr

    It should completely remove LILO.



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    c:\fdisk /mbr is good one, but in another time if you want to remove your lilo, just do :
    lilo -u from your linux box shell. it will remove the lilo. after that you can remove your old linux
    and old lilo wouldn't appear in the new one.
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    Or another suggestion is to use a bootdisk into slackware and at the shell, type lilo and it'll replace the old redhat lilo with the slackware one.... (should )

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