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Thread: Problem with ASUS-V8460/TD Graphic Card

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    Problem with ASUS-V8460/TD Graphic Card

    Please help...

    I had bought a graphic card 6 months ago - the ASUS-V8460/TD from a shop in the net and when i got it the card had the cooler broken, actually not the cooler but a thing that attach the cooler on the card. I have attached the cooler with the card with a small wire, and the card was working well (even the power power was 230 Watt-The recommended from nVidia was above 350 Watt) since 2 months ago. When the screen was making small white and black boxes on the screen and after 30 minutes playing game the PC was freezing (the cursor was moving over them) and last two weeks it started showing some big lines down and above everything. I bought a new power supply (460 Watt), but it was working fine only for two days. I bought a new cooler because i saw that the other one didn't start working at all and with the cooler i bought and the Arctic Silver 3. I installed them all but nothing changed except that the cooler was starting working. I test the card on another PC which had AGP 1X and power supply 260 Watt and only on the loading of the Windows everything were fine, but then the same things were happening as when i had the 230 Watt power supply.
    My computer is running Win XP Pro - SP1 and the other PC was running Win ME.

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    Well, if the same problem happens in another PC, and after all you say, then it seems not to be a driver problem for example. Personally, it seems that your card got broken someway, maybe the cooler wasn't working properly and made your card overheating. If your card guarantee hasn't expired yet, then i'd recommend you call or write to the shop where you bought it and ask them to change it for a new one (tell them the card was broken from the begining as you say above).

    Good luck!!!


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    I'm sure that they won't believe it and i have to buy a new one. I posted this thread if any1 had the same problem. But anyway thank you...

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