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Thread: Another Newbie Banned

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    Another Newbie Banned

    I will invariably be banned for this post, but I figure I'm almost dead as it is anyway, so it can't hurt. The reason I make this post is this: After on post, I am going to be banned. I did not curse, flame, or break any standard conduct in that post. I just broke protocl, did not follow the culture in a new place.

    Is it my fault? Partially. I did not learn the culture well enough before my first venture out. But I was not well recieved, and not given a chance to learn the culture.

    I will say this: I do not know why I am being banned for this, on my first foray. I try to do my best in such an area, but I am afraid that I will not succeed.

    This entire concept was built around the free-trade of ideas. If someone new is kicked out when they first join, how can someone truly get caught up in the culture, get absorbed, and learn, if they are never given a chance? They can't.

    That is how many Cracker's are born. The people who break code, and code virii are most often people who do so for the fame and attention, to be accepted, because they came to this place, or someplace like it, and were unable to.

    I apologize for my breach of conduct, and not following the culture. But I will continue to learn, even if I am not allow to participate in this community, it will just make my climb to knowledge harder, slower. It will, in turn, do the same to others that are treated the same way, others that I might help if I had the chance to learn what is available here.

    I hope that people will listen to this, and not hand out so many "Anti-points" to someone on their first day here, their first post. Comment first, give someone a chance to learn.

    That is all I have to say, and most likely, all I will be allowed to say.

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    My advice is think carefully before asking foolish, easily answered questions ie: look it up on google. When you make a post it is alright if it is inflammatory, just not hateful or demeaning.
    As well remember this is a "computer" site ie: post about and talk about computers. This was
    not a flame merely a series of suggestions :-)

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    Hey!!!, don't worry, at this moment you have between 0 and 50 points (because you have a grey dot) and you need 300 points to get banned, really, don't worry, there have been people that started much worst than you and they weren't banned. If you care about APs (???), start posting useful threads and you'll see your dots growing up soon.

    By the way, welcome to AO!!!



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    Thank you. What I posted was a computer related, security even, topic. It was no question, but sharing information that, as far as I know, has not been posted anywhere else. But that does not really matter, does it? "The Ale is spilled."

    I appreciate your comments, it does seem I will have to be more careful. From now on, I may have to ask myself, "Can anyone possibly be offended by this?" before I post something. The strange thing is...one of the reasons I recieved so many Anti-points, it seems currently, is that I argued with a Moderator about something (which I was right about.) But that doesn't really matter. I did screw up, but not so bad as to deserve imminent banning.

    Hopefully I will be given a chance to redeem myself in the eyes of people who Ihave rubbed th wrong way, and took a mistake of mine personally. If not...oh well.

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    It was no question, but sharing information that, as far as I know, has not been posted anywhere else.
    Regardless of when you discovered it, finding IP addresses through Instant Messengers is something which has been around for a long, long time and which most people are at least somewhat aware of. It has been posted here before, and you could have found this out by using the search function on the main page.

    The best advice you could give a newbie here is, don't start posting here straightaway. Read other posts/threads for a while and then begin posting yourself. This will save you most of the trauma that newbies go through here.

    Also, these 'poor me' threads (which come so often after a newbie screws up) **** most people who come here. Posting the same thing twice is also stupid, for the reason which gore mentioned in his post. You're also not the subject of an 'imminent banning', so stop whining about that. You have to screw up persistently to get banned from this site.


    The strange thing is...one of the reasons I recieved so many Anti-points, it seems currently, is that I argued with a Moderator about something (which I was right about.)
    Could you please elaborate?

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    My advice is whenever you're posting something that you think can get you negged, try to weigh out the pros and the cons. Obviously you probably wouldn't wanna risk getting negged when you're close to being banned and getting the "pain in the ass" message. Once you're on that "close to being banned" list, you might only wanna post when you know you have something valuable to offer to the community, or the person asking a question. And when you're giving an answer to a question, you might wanna support it by giving links (try to give as official links as possible) to avoid getting negged by someone who _thinks_ that you're wrong. Because even if they're wrong and they apologize, if you're banned you're banned, and there's no way of taking those points back. Just my two cents.

    -{[ Joe ]}- (Joe@nitesecurity.com)

    [shadow]I\'m Just A Soldier In This War Against Ignorance.[/shadow]

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    Welcome to AO!!!

    At least you have seen the error of your ways...

    It also pays to "know" this community, read the posts for a few days and familiarize yourself with the peeps here and our rules. And of course remember to

    Or.. contact allenb1963 for a pair of his asbestos under-roo's
    I have a question; are you the bug, or the windshield?

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    Originally posted here by aeallison
    Or.. contact allenb1963 for a pair of his asbestos under-roo's [/B]
    Update....the underoos are out. I've managed to successfully extract bacterial DNA from several organisms living around "Black Smokers", deep sea volcanic vents. A few gene splices later and I'm able to handle temps in excess of 800 degrees Centigrade for up to five hours at a time.....very handy when visiting the AP center

    Now if I could just figure out what to do about this insatiable craving for sulpher I've developed...
    It isn't paranoia when you KNOW they're out to get you...

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    I'm kind of dissapointed in the way some of the people treated ^Mobius^ when he posted "Instant Messaging Insecurity, Using Firewalls to Hack" He hasn't even posted 6 times and already he's in the grey, which isn't bad, but it's not good. It's not like he posted, "#0w d0 I h4x0r /\/\Y 5k00ls f1r3w4ll?" He was simply pointing something useful out to people. Yes he posted twice, big deal. He could have at most been a member for 19 days. Give him a break. I was surprised to see some of the high ranked guys overreacting about something so simple as this. Next someone makes a mistake, lets not neg him to death, lets just let him know what he did wrong and the ENTIRE thing would be dropped and it wouldn't stem out into "hate for AO'' threads like the one above. Jusst reelaxxxx....

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    I have no hate for AO. Its a wonderful concept, wonderful site, with a few flaws in it. But, to be honest, <smiles at this> the problems can always be overcome. We all drink too much coffee sometimes (read, jumpy/paranoid folk.)

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