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Thread: Apache 182 Error?

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    Apache 182 Error?

    Okay, so my SSL with TinySSL worked and I decided to move on to Apache.

    I isntalled and configured it according to http://tud.at/programm/apache-ssl-win32-howto.php3 , but when I try and start up apache(1.3.27) I get this error:

    Syntax error on line 1028 c:/path/to/apache/conf/httpd.conf
    Cannot load c:/path/to/apache/modules/mod_ssl.so into server: (182)
    Note the errors or messages above and press teh <ESC> key to exit.

    mod_ssl.so is definately in the modules directory... so what is wrong and what does 182 mean?

    Thanks for your help!

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    I have not worked with SSL on Apache for windows but try to verify that all dll-files are in path and double check all path settings you have in httpd.conf.

    Make sure that both LoadModule ssl_module modules/mod_ssl.so and AddModule mod_ssl.c are correct in httpd.conf (names of modules may vary depending on version).

    Read the apache error logs and see if you can find any more relevant information there.

    If everything seems to be correct go to www.openssl.org and see if you can find newer dll-files there. It may be corrupt dll-files which causes your problem.


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    o.k. you need the following lines in httpd.conf:
    LoadModule anon_auth_module modules/ApacheModuleAuthAnon.dll
    LoadModule cern_meta_module modules/ApacheModuleCERNMeta.dll
    LoadModule digest_module modules/ApacheModuleDigest.dll
    LoadModule expires_module modules/ApacheModuleExpires.dll
    LoadModule headers_module modules/ApacheModuleHeaders.dll
    LoadModule rewrite_module modules/ApacheModuleRewrite.dll
    LoadModule speling_module modules/ApacheModuleSpeling.dll
    LoadModule ssl_module modules/ApacheModuleSSL.dll
    LoadModule status_module modules/ApacheModuleStatus.dll
    LoadModule usertrack_module modules/ApacheModuleUserTrack.dll
    these are minimum required modules

    you may also need to add
    AddModule mod_ssl.c

    these were the things i did, and it worked...
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