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Thread: Legendary hacker eyes online return...

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    Legendary hacker eyes online return...


    Here you have up-to-date info on this case.

    One of the world's most famous computer hackers gets off probation this week and plans to dive back into the Internet, his former playground where breaking-and-entering landed him in jail for five years.
    On Tuesday, 39-year-old Kevin Mitnick will log on to the Internet for the first time in eight years, during the live TechTV show "Screen Savers." Also scheduled to be on the program are Shawn Fanning, creator of Internet music downloading pioneer Napster, and Steve Wozniak, a co-founder of Apple Computer.
    Mitnick says he is ready to go to work, ironically, in a position where he will be helping protect companies against the kind of hacking he used to do. He has a job interview scheduled for Monday, but declines to name the company...

    A lot of things have changed on the Internet in the past five years that will probably surprise Kevin:

    1) Links to hackers sites almost always lead to porn sites...
    2) Links to software pirate sites almost always lead to porn sites...
    3) Links to games and util crack sites almost always lead to porn sites...
    4) Links to porn sites almost always lead to other porn sites (as they all seem to make more money referring each other around rather then actually stocking content)
    5) Search engines now generate ads instead of useful search results
    6) SPAM, Viruses and trojans... (notice how I lumped them together)
    7) X10 spy camera and Gator ads will be popping up in his face at every web site he visits...
    8) The Patriot Act put hackers in the same category as terrorist
    9) The abundance of scammers trying to sell him a pen*s enlargement
    10) And how widows in Angolia, Nigeria, South Africa, the Congo and Sierra Leone all want his help to move millions of dollars out of their country
    Source and full story here

    Keep yourself informed!!!


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    Let's all try to find out his new AIM when he gets one

    -{[ Joe ]}- (

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    I've seen Mitnick on The Screen Savers a couple of times and I think he's done his time.

    8) The Patriot Act put hackers in the same category as terrorist
    I never heard of the Patriot Act so I did a quick google search and got some info on it and found out that it was a rushed bill that Bush passed due to Sept. 11, if you want to read the entire bill for who knows what reason...

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    /me puts on asbestos suit

    Kevin may have spent his time behind bars and done his time, but c'mon. Kevin Mitnik is a convicted computer criminal, and the mass media is making him into a firggin' celebrity. What kind of message does this send to others?

    "Look how much attention Kevin Mitnik gets because he hacked his way to fame."

    If you wanna call social engineering (or a nice word for bullshitting), stealing data, making life hell for others not to mention messing with government networks "cool," "l33t" or (barf) "legendary." Kevin was not any of these things. The only thing he was good at was being a criminal. For all these activities, he goes on TV, gets a prestigious job and gets all kinds of things? There is something wrong here.

    Now for him going on the Internet. IMHO, he might be a good boy for a while, but it will only be a matter of time before he goes back into it again. I mean, the power is addicting and I cannot see him staying away from it espcially with his fame, famous or infamous. It's just his nature.



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    an easy comment for 1-4 ...somehow they get the impression that people who like these things are sleezy enough to want porn (or more porn).

    hackers and warez sites have led to porn for allot longer than 5 years actually more than 15 years. how do you think they support this habit. with the money they get for porn referrals

    somehow i don't believe he's not been on the internet for all these years so i dont think he'll really be surprised by any of it.
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    I agree with you entirely, alittlebitnumb.

    Its been barely a day since this news came out, and it seems you cant go anywehere without hearing about Kevin ****ing Mitnick. The media has made him out to be some kind of 'hero', some 'uderhacker' (Legendary hacker unleashed). Sure he was *good*, but was he *that* good? He got caught, didnt he? Im sure there are many more 'uberhackers' around today that have 10 times the skills, and just because they havnt been jailed for their crimes (if any), they dont get any coverage like this. And the coverage that they do get, is **** like 'massive DDOS attacks', 'hackers crack irs d-base', etc (ok, so im a matrix fan..).

    Jesus Christ, Kevin was born, he did a little hacking, got caught, was jailed, and now is free. Get over it. All this talk of 'movies about his life' is just utter crap IMO.


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    Bravo !! I also am (just a little) annoyed that Kevin Mitnick became almost a 'folk hero' to the hacking community. If he was so come he got caught ?

    My 2 cents worth.

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    hey Guys,

    are you ever watch "Hackers: Operation TAKEDOWN" or so called "Hackers 2".

    This movie is based on true story.

    Take your time and take a look at it.
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    "5) Search engines now generate ads instead of useful search results"

    just wanted to say google isn't too bad. in fact it does produce useful search results, but i agree with all the other points.

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    On Hackers 2:
    Hrm, and how will Hollywood botch this movie, assuming rightly that the majority of viewers are computer illiterate and can't even tell a decent OS from a hole in the ground. Maybe they'll use *nix this time? Or would plain text be too boring for the average technology stupid movie-goer?

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