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Thread: Messenger Service

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    Messenger Service

    Since I am a newbie I have a newbie question:

    About 5 mnts ago I was browsing AO looking for member's online and the Messenger Service window pop-up.

    What does this means?

    How can I prevent this from happening?


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    ok. im not sure what you mean, but if its msn messenger poped up its nothin to do with AO. if it is AO saying you have a new message go to site options and in there it should say pop up box if new message. select no and off ya go
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    What messenger service..

    Do you mean MSN messenger ??

    The way to get rid of that, is to never use microsoft products again..

    but seriously: http://www.google.com/search?q=how+t...+msn+messenger
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    Clarifying the matter, you can send PMs (private messages) to AO members using your private messages section and writing their names in the recipient box. If you want you can activate an option (it seems you have it activated) that will pop-up a window alerting you about a new message received from any AO member. As TN123 says, you deactivate it editing your site preferences. Personally, it's cool to have it activated.

    For more info check the FAQs here

    Good luck!!!


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    Ok.. OK....

    I recognize my mistake. I learn a lesson from more knowledgable people.

    Issue close.


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