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Thread: Super Bowl XXXVII

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    Post Super Bowl XXXVII

    Link: http://www.nfl.com
    Super Bowl XXXVII will be a night of firsts. Tampa Bay gets its first crack at a title after shocking the Eagles 27-10. And Oakland WR Tim Brown makes his first trip after his Raiders defeat the Titans 41-24. Brown said, "After watching other teams go for 14 years, it's like a dream come true."
    Sorry about posting non-computer related subject matter...
    But - Here in TampaBay, everyone is really excited ;-)

    Super Bowl Baby!!!
    yeah, I\'m gonna need that by friday...

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    The only bad part is that I will have to cheer for Tampa Bay now (Because I hate the Raiders).

    The ultimate SuperBowl to me though would be the Bears vs Packers (if they both weren't nfc teams of course) and the bears would win 49-0.

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    Hahah this is what I called at the beginning of the playoffs! Wahoo! I want the Raiders to win but I love mike alstot (sp). Final Score: 21-14 raiders
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    Tampa, your Bucs are a godsend. I couldn't take another day of hearing about the Eagles and watching these half retarded jerks on the local news talk about how they decorated their yard in Eagle colors, ate off Eagle plates, and have a piece of used leg bandage from some player from a game their father attended in 1976. not to mention, I was tired of seeing Mcnabb beat out Saddam for front line news. It was quite sad for awhile there. A good friend of mine is a huge Eagle fan, and it was quite nice to blast into him last night. I may not be a Bucs fan but, who the hell cares. The Eagles are out.
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    Hrm, I guess I'm the only one who is pissed that the Eagles are out I really wanted them to go to the SuperBowl, but I guess that won't happen now First, I wanted the Jet's to win, but no. The Eagles... no. Now, I'll be pulling for the Raiders to wipe the floor with Tampa Bay. The Raiders need to win this one back for us, I hate Tampa Bay! Oh, and to the guy winging about Donovan McNabb's popularity, during the SuperBowl time, usually that get's big news especially for the guy who made an excellent comeback return and answered everyones questions and pissed on everyone's doubts. He was injured on Nov. 19th I believe, and came back just two weeks ago to help the Eagles destroy the Atlanta Falcons, who has one of the best and youngest QB's, Mike Vick. So that might be why your hearing about him. You'll probably hear about the SuperBowl winners more than Saddam when it happens, maybe for like a day or two, but that's how it is during the SuperBowl time.
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    Sorry tampabay40, but i'll go for Raiders this time. I'm a 49ers fan, i play football amd my number is #80 for the great Jerry Rice. He isn't in San Francisco anymore and so this time i choose to follow him to Raiders, just for this SuperBowl. Besides, Raiders go well with my nick

    From the 4 finalists i liked Raiders and Eagles to win (sorry Eagles are out) because Gannon, Rice and McNabb are superstars!!!


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    I can't wait to see Tampa Bay spank the Raiders. This is the most excited I've been about a Super Bowl in a long time. I'd rather have seen my Jaguars in there, but since they aren't at least there's a Florida team to follow!!!

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    Ladies and Gentlemen,

    I have waited patiently for 19 years for my Raiders return to the Superbowl. At the beginning of the season all I heard was that Oakland couldn't do it without Gruden. Well..... We have done it without Gruden..... In fact we have done it in spite of Gruden..... and now we get the opportunity to do it _against_ Gruden.

    Tim Brown has been a consummate professional and a dependable player in these days where the highest bidder wins and players move constantly and this is his turn.

    It will be a great game - the best offense against the best defense - How a Superbowl should be.

    Good luck to both but, in the words of Al Davis - Just win Baby.......


    It'll make my gameball signed in silver ink by Jerry Rice just that bit more special.......
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    I was hoping the Philly fans would tear up Veterans Stadium and throw chairs at the Bucs. That would have been a fitting end for the stadium. God, now I'll have to wait another 20 years for the Eagles to get back to the championship game. And then my 2nd favorite team lost to the Raiders! Booooo!!!!!!
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    Originally posted here by iNViCTuS
    The ultimate SuperBowl to me though would be the Bears vs Packers (if they both weren't nfc teams of course) and the bears would win 49-0. [/B]
    I have to agree with you iNViCTus.... the Bears in the Superbowl would be the best, but being from Chicago originally, who wouldn't be a little partial? I live in Wisconsin now, but thats only because my parents decided to move... do you know how hard it is to always see the Packers parties on Sundays, and especially when these to teams play.

    As for the Superbowl... I have to go with Tampa Bay!

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