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    specific ptp networks' clien security contradiction

    from the previous threads it is obious that many ao members object to using ptp network clients based on their inheret security vulnerablities. my question or maybe a begginning of discussion concerns a pure java clien; LimeWire! Since a Java program runs in so called "virtual sandbox' it should be restricted from accessing system-wide resources. then it should be a trivial matter to properly code a restricted folder/disc access.

    basically, if my reasoning is correct, LimeWire should be the the most secure client.

    do you agree ???

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    i'm not so sure if i would use limwire it contains spyware...
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    I follow the suspicion of Meister, i've used LimeWire too a while ago and I suspect it too from spyware.

    Like i said before, p2p is great principle but by time it totaly got f**ked up , just by the adware , spyware and some serious security based reasons.

    I stopped with p2p-connections, and even ever since I 've no problem to find anything
    on the internet.

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