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Thread: Mailing Lists--Any left?

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    Question Mailing Lists--Any left?

    It used to be I could find tons of news groups and mailing lists to subscribe to, and I loved participating in them. These days, though, it seems that most of them are dead.

    Oh, I can find plenty, of course, but most of them are empty, aside from some script kiddies and people introducing themselves.

    Can anyone suggest any good newsgroups or mailing lists? Any and all topics are great, crypto, security, programming...everything. Thanks for your help!

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    If you look on the left hand sideof the screen under Misc. Resourses (I Believe it says) there's mailing lists. I haven't subscribed to any, but I'm guessing that AO isn't going to point you in the wrong direction, and when I scrolled threw the other day..they seemed to cover all topics.

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    I did indeed check it out..signed up for a few...I haven't heard anything from them, not even a confirmation.

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    go to www.securityfocus.com they have heaps of mailing lists and they are actually very good and about what the list name actually states heh .. head there it is definately worth checking out
    Just because you don\'t see it doesn\'t mean it\'s not there

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    Thanks, I'll check it out...

    And due to multiple windows, and forgetting to click "Submit" I did before sending this off. Good site, appreciate it!

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    Mobius, checkout progrmmer's heaven they have useful mailing lists, and
    http://<a rel="nofollow" href="http:...w.cert.org</a>

    i meant http://www.cert.org

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    www.astalavista.com is a good site to check out some mailing lists. I think they have a couple. Also www.securityfocus.com has some good ones

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