ok, I have suse Linux 8.1 professional runing, and i cant get any sound, it says it found my sound card but it wont configure it, mainly because i have no drivers i dont think, the control center says, Available Hardware:
Sound Device : Risq Modular Multimedia audio controller, now when i go to details it says : Type : Sound Device
Vendor Rockwell International.
Configured : no
Available : yes
Needed: no

So like, im googling this right now but i was wondering if anyone else knows a way to get this working, or maybe a specific sound card drivers site for Suse Linux?
thank you in adavance for any help you con give, this has been something iv always had a problem with, when id install Linux, i could never get online or get sound, Well, i broke my problem of getting online a few days ago and im very happy about that, now this is my next one