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Thread: Socket issue plz help

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    Exclamation Socket issue plz help


    this article is incorrect - it is impossible to uninstall
    tcpip under a win xp machine due to the fact it is a core
    component. Reffer to Microsoft Knowledge Base Article - 299357
    = if there is a fix plz email me at wmarino@optonline.net

    Wayne Marino

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    I did some lookup on a site I just have posted.
    I hope your problem is amongst them there, so take a look.
    There is a topic of uninstalling tcp/ip under xp -> second url

    Winsocks problems under xp :

    Tcp/ip problems under xp :

    Hoped to be helpful,

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    Unfortunately that doesnt fix the issues = thanks for the info though = the rebuild of tcpip doesnt remove tcpip just reset the reg keys and some log file

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    You can still uninstall TCP/IP... just not from your network properties.

    Remove your network adapter. That will remove any protocols... even TCP/IP.

    To do this, goto start, control panel, admin tools, computer management.
    Under the device manager, you can remove any of your network adapters.

    You can reinstall it either after a reboot, or you can refresh and detect "new" hardware.
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    Raslin, what problem are you experiencing that leads you to believe that removing TCP/IP will resolve? Maybe we can narrow down the issue or provide better suggestions if we have some more nfo.
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