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Thread: Software with security against hackers...

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    Software with security against hackers...


    New profiling software provides new security against hackers...

    The "user-level anomaly detection" software draws up regularly updated profiles by closely tracking over time how each person performs an array of routine tasks, such as opening files, sending e-mail or searching archives.

    Designed to tell if someone has strayed into an unauthorized zone or is masquerading as an employee using a stolen password, the program keeps watch for even subtle deviations in behavior. Alerted to anomalies, network administrators then begin monitoring more aggressively to assess whether pilferage is in progress.

    "The ultimate goal is to detect intrusions or violations occurring on the fly"...
    Source and full story here



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    This is a difficult task to do unless the users grasp the lastest patches or bugfixes that it may have. But it's a good attempt at intrusion dectection but there are always bugs.

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