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Thread: MSN Password Security

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    Question MSN Password Security

    Would a complicated password with uncommon symbols stop or slow down a hacker intent on reading your MSN Outlook Express or Hotmail email? Or would it just be a matter of seconds or minutes, whatever, before a skillful and determined hacker broke through any code you could devise and read the email in your inbox?

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    If the cracker in question was attempting to brute force the password on your email account, then a complex password with symbols will most definitely slow down their attempts to hack your account. If you use a common word that could be found in a dictionary, and the cracker uses a dictionary file, then the time taken to crack your password is greatly reduced. If you used a random string of characters, numbers and symbols (e.g. z94@o6f!), then the cracker's dictionary file will not work. If they are determined enough they could then generate a file of every possible combination of characters, numbers, symbols up to a certain length (say 8 characters). They would then try and brute force your account with this file, but it will take a hell of a lot longer and in many cases is simply not feasible because of the time factor. So in answer to your question, the time taken to crack the password is increased greatly if your password includes random/uncommon characters than if it is simply a common word that could be found in a dictionary.

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    not to mention keylogers and trojans. once installed on your computer those passwords could be exploited rather quickly. so keep your av and fw up to date and secure.

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    Never used common dictionary-words as pass. Make pass as long as possible using a combination of Uppercase, lowercase, and symbols also numbers to make a strong pass.

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    It is best that nobody is looking when you type the password.
    Shahid Basheer

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    There is a thing on myownemail.com called Encryption. i dont really know how it works but only Myownemail users can decrypt your encrypted e-mail providing they know the password.

    to other users, like hotmail. your e-mail would just look like garbage.

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