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Thread: Modem Prob. in Linux.

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    Modem Prob. in Linux.

    I installed Linux, so far so good. I was trying to get online for the first time with it but I can not find the /dev/modem file. I tried using minicom and it told me it wasn't configured. Does this mean by chance that I do in fact have a winmodem ?( I am posing this with it under Windows now) I have an old ISA modem next to me. Would it be worth it to pop it in and use it instead? Any help will be great.


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    For all your Linux modem needs go to http://www.linmodems.org/

    you can spend forever trying to get your modem to work without the right Information. This is the best place to start.

    Good luck.

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    Is your modem an internal or external modem?
    You have to check to see if your modem is a h/w or winmodem, winmodems use windows s/w and have very little support on Linux.
    Internal is more than likely a winmodem and external is a h/w modem.
    What distro are you using?

    Use the site that R45C4L provided to check the chipset of your modem and see if it is supported!

    Hope you dont have as many probs as i had!



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