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Thread: Who Downloaded...

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    Who Downloaded...

    Hey All,

    I did a quick search in the "Oops a bug" forum and didn't find this little bugger, so...

    When you click on the link "Who Downloaded this attachment?" below an uploaded file in a post, it brings you to an invalid page saying something along the lines that AO went through some work and stuff is different.
    AntiOnline.com recently underwent major design changes. Because of all the content and features that we added, we were forced to move things around a bit. The content that you were trying to reach is probably still on AntiOnline somewhere, just in a different place. We suggest you visit our main page, and surf your way to the content that you were looking for!
    So I'm assuming that this option is now disabled/removed?

    If so, I guess that link is useless....

    Quite the bummer, I found it fun to discover who downloaded stuff from who...

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    I saw that some time ago.... at least a month, so its not new.

    I had thought that there was a discusstion about that somewhere, but I can't find it either.

    Thanks for bringing it up again!
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