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Thread: Price of blank CD/R may rise in Oz - thanks to pirates

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    Price of blank CD/R may rise in Oz - thanks to pirates

    From an article in the Australian IT today, full article here that obviously attributes revenue downturns on pirated copying of MP3's, DVD's etc ..

    CONSUMERS face a hefty slug on blank CDs and DVDs if a levy proposed by the industry is accepted by the federal Government.

    The audio-visual copyright society, Screenrights, and its music industry counterpart, the Australasian Performing Right Association, want to introduce the fee to compensate their members for "rampant" illegal copying of commercially produced CDs and DVDs. The proposal sounds similar to the fee charged on blank cassette tapes, abandoned when the High Court ruled the charge was a tax, not a levy.

    But Screenrights and APRA, which want a recording levy of between 3 per cent and 10 per cent, believe the new charge would survive a High Court challenge.
    The articles goes on to say ....

    The scheme would recognise the legitimate, non-infringing use of blank CDs and DVDs by allowing buyers to obtain a refund upon application.

    "There's nothing novel in this," Mr Lake said. "Forty-three countries including the US, Canada and most EU nations have enacted private copying royalty schemes."
    Could someone from any of these 43 countries please explain how this works ??

    and what if I only use my CD/R media to backup my free open source (linux) software, updates and personal work, photo's etc ... what processes are in place in these countries to get your refunds ??

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    Nooooooooooooooo. i am only saying that for those suckers who have to buy them at retail price. where i work i get all computer parts at wholesaler prices

    sorry for those who need to buy them at retail, i really am sorry
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    I dunno how your pricing is on CDs right now.. but as far as things go here in Canada.. I've never heard of us having anything like that on our CDs... There's nothing I cando to get money back, and I've never heard of that levy/tax here.. I can buy cds for about $1 CDN w/ jewel cases if I go to the store.. spindles are cheaper..But having a computer business. I usually order them in bulk, @ 19 cents a CD.

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    "We're saying that people will copy, we have to accept that and try to create a fairer marketplace for both consumers and copyright owners
    What???....no taxes, levies, fines, etc., on paper, VHS tapes, blank cassettes..............

    This world is going to H%LL in a handbasket!!

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    Could someone from any of these 43 countries please explain how this works ??
    That's easy. If you are from an industry that gives lots
    of money to the politicians, you can get them to put a
    big tax on consumers, and give the proceeds to you.
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