I was reading over this and found it bit interesting.

The chipmaker, best known in the United States for its Apollo chipsets, will announce on Tuesday a new C3 processor that includes a data security feature, dubbed Padlock. According to Via, the C3 will ship by month's end.
Intel and Transmeta have also announced plans to build more security into new products due out later this year. Intel has been offering features such as random number generators in its chipsets for some time. But the company plans to step up security with a new technology it calls LaGrande. LaGrande, which will be part of new Pentium 4 chipsets sold later in the year, will protect hard drives and encrypt data sent between PCs. However, it will not encrypt data on the drive itself.
Via's new C3 chip will offer performance that's about 20 percent better than its predecessors' on business applications such as word processing. The chip offers 50 percent better performance on multimedia applications
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