Greetings to all the Roll Call posters,
I'm from Caracas/Venezuela and am self employed in the IT service industry. I run my own small company that assembles ans sells PC and Linux Servers for the SOHO market. I also provide support and service for LANs and WANs, resale web hosting services and design web sites.
I graduated in the Technical University in (west) Berlin/Germany in 1983 with a masters in aero-space engineering and after returning to my country (Venezuela) have been actively involved in different fields of the telecommunications and IT industry (research, design, tech support, sales, etc.).
I have joined AntiOnline to share knowledge with others and to learn more; now that I have spare time for learning since the National Civil Strike was ativated in Dec. 2002.
I hope to make new friends here.
Best regards to all,
otsenre .