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Thread: Help is needed

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    Help is needed

    whenever i get stuck i turn to AO, as i know that this is the palce that maves the things, and people here are so helpfull that need not worry much.
    Now today the thing is that i have been assigned a project to develop the interface that will enable an application yo run on both Windows and LINUX.
    Kindly, let me know the places from where to search.

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    How about a little more information? What kind of application is it? Does it need to be a GUI, or can it be purely textual?
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    how is this application that you need to develop an interface for deployed . is it a network app or to be installed on stand alone machines
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    If you need a GUI, consider using Qt. I've used Qt a bit and it looks equally good on both Linux as well as Windows. However, if the project isn't open source, you'll have to buy a license. http://trolltech.com/qt. Also, if speed isn't really an issue, I'd look at Java as an option. You'll be saved from rewriting a lot of code that way.
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    from what youre saying (i think) you may not even need to develop anything, you could set up WINE on the linux box(s) as an emulation of windoze to get your ap to run on both systems if youre lucky, some stuff works and some doesnt

    you can read more about WINE here

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