Sorry for the lack of responses. I have given up
on this site due to the plethora of idiots who inhabit this space ie: TheFiend amongst others.
The people who populate this site need to learn there is a world of difference between those
who actually hack and the scipt kiddie idiots, and the wannabe's that compose the vast majority of this sites membership. So that rant is over and cause of that will take myself elsewhere. I don't need the aggravation.
I can see where you are coming from but... I am a security newbie and my interest is not really hacking, but learning what I can. I came here to learn and I have learned a lot, but I am by no means a guru. Everybody is a newbie at some point (unless you invented it). By wannabe do you mean someone who talks about it a lot and says they know stuff, but do not read or know anything?