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    finally 400 posts!!!

    I first want to apologize for such a meaningless thread. Those of you who have read any of my posts in the past know it isn't my style, but it seems like it took forever for me to get to 400 posts (maybe because I don't post just anything...except for this one), so I am kinda excited about it.

    Hopefully you guys won't flame me to bad for this one

    Also, I have had alot of fun here on AO over the past year and some change, so thanks everyone for your insight and contributions

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    I am wondering what 400 posts make a difference for you?
    Did it gave you access to more AO site features or someth?
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    wow, 400 man, congrats, lol i know what you mean with never posting, i hardly post at all because i want my posts to have meaning and be helpful unless im being a smart ass to one of my pals from IRC but congrats and i hope your next 400 posts are just as good as the first 400

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    I believe that 400 posts made him a Senior Member Networker. As far as more access, I don't think so. You get access to the Addicts Forum at 275 when you become an Addict.



    Edit: I meant to say Congratulations Invictus! I wish you another 400 quality posts, at least...
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    iNViCTuS: CONGRATS!!!!

    400 posts in one year... damn... this place is really hard not to post at, isn't it?

    again, CONGRATS!!
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    Hum .. Hum... Congratz Invictus.

    Evenwel I'm not going to give AP's for this, not meaning to be disrespectful.
    I've learned my lesson on this matter. I only got my few with thoughtful posts, so I'm going to give also on other thoughtful posts.

    Hope you understand.

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    Congrats on your 400
    Ishould make mine in about a year or two at the rate i post
    I have always liked your posts and look forward to the next 4000 :

    Never miss a good opportunity to shut up.....

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    Thank you to everyone that replied.

    Your kind words are much appreciated.

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    Thumbs up

    Congrats on your 400th post Senior Member iNViCTuS...
    It looks like Phish and I are right behind you there
    As for APs in so called meaningless threads, I think these are meaningful threads when written by the right people who really try to help and contribute to everyones AO experience. Here are some greenies iNViCTuS...
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    I believe that when you obtain 400 posts (senior status) you get the site benefit of Banner Free Surfing. (me not sure)

    Congrats and welcome to the retirement home

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