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Thread: Security flaw on 35 million AOL accounts...

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    Security flaw on 35 million AOL accounts...


    More news...

    The accounts of millions of AOL subscribers were jeopardized this week due to a serious flaw in the company's Web-based mail system, BetaNews has learned. The vulnerability stems from an error in one of AOL's international e-mail authentication systems, which granted users access without correctly verifying passwords. By simply entering an account name, an AOL user had the ability to read any other user's e-mail and all personal data contained therein. Private correspondence suddenly became open for public perusal, and sensitive information such as passwords and account numbers were potentially exposed to prying eyes. Although AOL plugged the security hole early Wednesday morning, it is unclear at this point how many AOL and AIM accounts have been compromised...
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    Boy am I glad I got rid of their sorry a$$es years ago. AOL sucks in my opinion.

    I don't know why you should have to have a 800+mhz machine beefed with ram to run their software to get online... rediculous.

    I'm surprised their software doesn't have even more security holes...

    Thanks for the link DKRR!
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    Thats a pretty colossal screw up from the sounds of it. I take it you basically had to just pick an account, and click and you had access. I have to laugh at how they say security concerns are paramount, I wonder if they said that before or after this latest mess?
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