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Thread: huh ? LED's are good for the skin ?

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    Question huh ? LED's are good for the skin ?

    here's something I found that sounded kinda strange at first..
    Looking Younger May Soon Be Cheaper >> http://www.usanews.net/_archive2002/0000042f.htm

    Austin, Texas 01/17/03 - LED (light emitting diode) Technology for skin care, pioneered by NASA and the Russian Space programs, may soon be affordable to the general public. These treatments, called Photo Rejuvenation, promote the body's production of collagen and tissue repair. A series of 5 or 6 treatments may cost as much as $3000 and are available only at dermatologists and spas. Quantum Skincare hopes to market a device in 24 months that will offer a more affordable alternative that can be used at home. The device will be available to the general public for under $1000 and will offer similar benefits as treatments now being offered.

    Quantum Skincare is currently seeking 1000 participants in a nationwide one year free trial study of their prototype. Interested persons should go to web site www.quantumskincare.com for more information on the study.

    Jack Cobb, Director of Research, is quoted as saying "We believe that more frequent applications of this safe, simple and painless procedure will yield even better results than what is now being called a facelift without the knife."

    Light Therapy Treatments have been used for wound healing and pain relief for twenty years. Until recently, lasers were used because of their ability to produce a single wavelength of light but have some inherent characteristics that make their use problematic. The narrow beam width of the lasers makes treating large areas difficult and the costs associated with laser type equipment makes treatments expensive. LEDs offer an effective alternative to lasers. They have the ability to produce a single wavelength of light, can be arranged in large arrays to treat large areas, and are much less costly to use.
    gotta go now.. I'm off to shitshack to buy their whole stock of LED's..

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    ...now that's just effed up. But, if its true, its definitely worth checking out (and investing in.) Has anyone read about this from a second source? I think this may be equivalent to the "magnetic healing" packets you always see in airports.

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    Cool !

    Now I can treat all those damn scratches I got from building those computers,
    which apparantly never like to be touched with those nice nasty sharp edges.


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    Yeah if it is free is worth it because not alot of things nowdays are free are they nice topic : sumdumguy good job i know a little electronics

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    *sits infront of his computer's Power and HDD LED hoping he would look younger*

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