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    Unhappy Suspicious minds...

    This is the story of my father, who knows all about my various exploits and interest in computer security. His desktop runs Windows 2000, which he loves to tinker on. One day, he deleted a driver, and it didn't re-appear. This is where the blame began..

    Since then, every time something has gone wrong on his computer, even if it is something as simple as a crash when he tries to load three copies of AOL at once (...), it was my fault.

    Eventually, it got so bad that he would lock his computer up, changing passwords and everything, adding new security, every time one of my friends was over, blamming them for the problems with it.

    What with all of this changing of passwords and adding new security programs, he managed to lock himself out. How clever. :-) Of course, this was obviously our fault, as he, who didn't even WRITE DOWN the new PWs, didn't make mistakes. He uploaded a back up, and logged in without problem.

    He would blame me for things that happened while I was at afriends, and had been for the last week (during spring break). I'm so lucky. :-) When he realized this, he would say something equivalent to "I don't know how you did it, but you did.."

    This just goes to prove, the right amount of knowledge in the wrong hands is a VERY dangerous thing.

    I just had to rant.

    Any ideas on dealing with this?

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    Tell him to join AO!!!

    Here he will learn that computers are really "crazy things" that will get "broken" for nothing anytime, even more when you less expect it.



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    my parents used to always blame me for their computer not working properly (it was of course just thier lack of understanding the finer parts of a computer and its OS) now that i have moved out of home they are always wanting me to come over and fix it heh. ( and they are actually learning how to use it since they have time to get on it now with me gone )

    feels kind of good haha
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    Well I have no idea how your relationship with your father is on other levels, but you could try reasoning with him. If you were out of town for a week when he had computer troubles then he is being unreasonable. Offer to teach him how to manage his passwords, etc. Teach him a thing or two about security. If you help him to see you are not a trouble maker on the computer, might just change his mind about blaming you all the time.

    Good luck.

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    why dont you ask him to buy you a personal computer so that you will not mess with his comp.
    it ll cost some but itll worth it. heheheh how bout that? hey it was also happened to me when everything about my comp and my mother will blame me whatever ever the reason it. even a very simple problem but you know what that is what parent are.... to blame their child for the lack of their conciousness.... ;-)

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    See now, that's the thing...I have a laptop and desktop of my own, and don't need to access his computer, having a dedicated phone line of my own. (Blessed connectivity.) He still blames me for things gone wrong on his computer. Oh well...five and a half months and I'm free!

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