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Thread: New per2per protocol software

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    New per2per protocol software

    I found a new powerfull Per2Per protocol software for windows 95/98/ME/XP with Visual.net technology.The name of this program is The Bridge.We can download cooking recipes, cartoons, desktop themes, games, comedy, music, erotism, sports, vehicles, sciences, e-books, movies, freewares, arts, paparazzi pictures, and many more...Visual.net is required for install but you can download the beta version of Visual.net on microsoft web site.The Bridge is a very good software because is spyware free.For more information,go to this URL;


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    For future reference and to avoid being negged, this post should be in general chit chat for example, not site suggestions. It is frowned upon here to not read the forum you are posting in.

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