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Thread: Mitnick vs World conspiracy!!!!!!!!!

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    Angry Mitnick vs World conspiracy!!!!!!!!!

    In 1995 Kevin Mitnick is go in jail for hacking activity and spying on super-computer.Now,the US gouvernement (NSA) spy on all home computer and phone in North-America with the echelon network.This US program is legal but your our private life will disappear.In future,everybody will become a slave for the leaders of The New World Order.

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    well mitnick didn't have permission from the goverment to "spy" where as im sure the US government _has_ given itself permission heh. mitnick did a lot more than that he broke into high profile sites and stole information and software he even used cracked servers to hide his stuff.. but mitnick has been discussed to death i feel no need to continue . thnx

    ps - the government will continue to do what it wants even if the people dont want it or know about it
    Just because you don\'t see it doesn\'t mean it\'s not there

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    ...This has been known about for a good, long time. TIA (Total Information Awareness) as introduced by Poindexter is going to accomplish just this. This is old news. Homeland Security Act, and Patriot Act both do this also.


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    There seems to always be this ongoing rant about this 'conspiracy' on these boards. I mean you people speak of the 'government' as if it is some unified mastermind behind all of this, when in fact its not.

    First thing to aknowledge is where you people get your information from, STOP beliving everything you hear or see on the media and internet, because alot of this **** is nothing but liebel.

    Seccond thing is, this so called 'government' that you say conspirse against everyone is not the ones that are taking away your privacy and security for no reason. The ones who are, are those crooked wealthy polititions who have enough money to back themselves up with everything.

    Another thing, you keep ranting on about all this privacy you want, and aperantly you dont get... Thats odd, why the HELL would this 'government' want to tap your phone lines, read your e-mails, and search your house, if they didnt have a reason to. There are what? some odd 280 million people in the US? Do you really think the government goes 1 by 1 and violates each ones privacy? Nope.. they only do it when they have a cause, and if you have nothing to hide you will be perfectly fine.

    I really dont see any of you complaining that your watching the superbowl on a big screen TV, or driving to work in a nice lexus. Do you think these luxiuries would be available to you in a 3rd world country? Stop being mindless drones and sheep going on and on about what everyone else is going on about, think for yourselves, be original.

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    Dome ,

    You got it straight to the point. It's just like they have something to hide or are scared.
    Frankly I'm tired about hearing about Mitnick, He broke in and stole.
    Here in belgium has been a similar case. Everyone knows the consequences...

    Let's get on with some serious security business,

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