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Thread: APC Backup Safety Recall

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    APC Backup Safety Recall

    got this is me mailbox today. was wondering if these were the culprits in october.
    so JP... were these the backups that you were talking about here?

    ATTENTION: Safety Recall Notice for Back-UPS CS Products
    In cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), American Power Conversion (APC) is voluntarily recalling certain uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), manufactured between November 2000 and December 2002.

    PROBLEM: A possibility exists for overheating and potential fire hazard, due to an internal component failure.

    PRODUCT: The only models being recalled are Back-UPSŪ CS 350 (BK350), Back-UPSŪ CS 500 (BK500) and Back-UPSŪ CS 500BLK (BK500BLK) with the first six characters of the serial number in the ranges shown below. Model markings are located on the front of the unit and the serial numbers are located on the bottom of the unit.

    Only units where the first six characters of the serial number fall within the following ranges are affected:

    AB0048 through AB0251
    BB0104 through BB0251
    JB0125 through JB0251

    If an "R" follows your serial number then it is NOT part of the recall.

    WHAT TO DO: Stop using immediately and remove the UPS unit from service by turning off all connected equipment, turning the UPS unit off, and then unplugging the unit from the electrical outlet.

    To obtain a free replacement, click here
    or call 866 APC-RELY (866 272-7359).

    APC would like to apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause. Thank you for your support.
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    APC would like to apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause. Thank you for your support.
    I wonder if that apology extends to the emergency room staff who treat APC's victims......

    *sniff*sniff*....is that litigation that I smell??
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    These are relativly small UPSs (500va). I doubt that AO's primary UPS (as said in the linked post by JP) would be this small (you'd barely run one or two small servers on this). Besides, JP mentionned 220v outlets... AFAIK these are 120v units.

    Still, having a UPS blow up on you's gotta be the low point of a day!

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    If one UPS blows up, you can treat the wounds with the LED - Treatment,

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