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    Angry A new low for recording companies

    Why dont we all just trust the Recording Industry, this is for those of you that use a *nix machine

    Peer-to-Peer Hydra Worm Claim is a Hoax
    (14/16 January 2003)
    A hacking group called Gobbles Security admitted that claims it had
    been hired by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA)
    to create a worm to infect peer-to-peer file sharing networks was
    a hoax. However, the phony announcement included a description of
    a real security flaw and source code to exploit it. The flaw could
    be exploited to delete files on Unix-based computers.


    This information is from SANS an organization that works in conjunction with the FBI (www.sans.org)
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    And just when we thought that they couldn't sink any lower...
    BTW, a while ago, I noticed on KaZaa that about half my MP3s had their artist changed to "Amy" - anybody know anything about this?


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