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Thread: Expert in hacking unlocks a secret that opens real doors...

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    Expert in hacking unlocks a secret that opens real doors...


    Here's an interesting one.

    A security researcher has revealed a little-known vulnerability in many locks that lets a person create a copy of the master key for an entire building by starting with any key from that building...

    Source and full story here



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    That's realy weird..

    /me checks out all the people in the appartment building..

    neh thei're all to dumb to do such a thing..
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    Wow that'd pretty cool. This would solve the problem for a lot of people. Especialy those kids who say, "oh ya I can pick locks!" even if they cannot (come on, admit it, we all did that atleast once).
    I wonder if the security journal that he submited that paper to will publish it, or will they recieve so much flak from AT&T and the government that they will decide not to publish it. Personaly I hope that they do, though it would be a rather large thorn in many people's back sides.

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    To bring back an older topic. I dunno if everyone has seen this yet or not, but the actual paper has be released and is available at packet storm.


    It makes for interesting reading...

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