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    Question Learning Asp.net

    Can you please advice on this? Sorry if this has been asked before I did some search but no results.

    I'd like to start with asp.net but am not sure which program language to learn. My main objective is to be able to develop dynamic content web sites using asp.net, SQL, Access.

    I think I have the following to choose from according to asp.net site but not sure what c# is. Is it c++, c or other language all together?

    C# Source: CS\Intro2.aspx
    VB Source: VB\Intro2.aspx
    JScript Source: JS\Intro2.aspx
    VJ# Source: VJS\Intro2.aspx

    Ideally, Id like to go for the easiest to learn and the most portable.

    Any tips or pointers to tutorial sites I'd be much appreciated.
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    I have already found some answers on the subject from google.

    C# is the better choice for people learning from scratch or coming from a Java/C++
    Historically, VB has always been easier to use while C has always been much more powerful.
    the fact that after playing with .NET for a while you realise that the
    other languages appear to be nothing more than a skin over c#. Most the VB
    functions you've come to know and love are now simply calls to a function
    that does the same in c#.
    C# is just another language that works with .NET. It is intended to draw
    C++ and Java programmers to .NET. It has no advantages over VB.NET, other
    than if you like the curly bracket syntax of C++ and Java, you might prefer
    C# over VB.NET.
    No one language is superior to another, so learn whatever language best fits you past experience.
    OK, I've decided to learn C#.
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